A big, warm welcome to my site! My intention is to provide a place for you to explore health, wellness and spirit.

I've had quite a varied life, with many twists and turns (as varied as being a tour guide at Club Med and managing nationwide accounting trainings), but there's been one constant theme song: How can I be of service?

For one, arising out of my own healing of a health crisis, I've been a student and teacher of natural healing methods since 1991. I feel like a culmination of much of this learning can be found in yoga, which I now teach to private and group clients. Read more in the yoga section!

Also blossoming out of my studies of natural healing methods, as well as my love of all things beautiful, I was fascinated by the power of feng shui. This ancient art of design and placement (without which Donald Trump will not build a building, by the way) has profoundly changed my life. I love to share what I've learned with my clients. Read more in the feng shui section!

In 2006, I was ordained as an interfaith minister, perhaps walking down the path my mother's parents, both ministers themselves, had forged for me. Who knew? All I knew is that I wanted to be of service, and the seminary magically appeared. Now, I am so honored to be the conduit for all kinds of extraordinary ceremonies that my clients and I create together. Read more in the ceremonies section!

I've put together some fun photos, as well as links and music that I'll continue to update. I'll also be writing some musings regularly, so check in to see what's going on in my brain in the news section!

And if you're wondering about the lotus theme on my site: This extraordinary flower grows directly out of the mud and is a symbol of our emerging victoriously, beautifully and gracefully from whatever complicated and not-so-pretty history we each may have. I just thought I'd share this inspiring image with you.

I'm really glad you've dropped by. Please write me a note and let me know how I can be of service!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

With much love from Ingrid