03.07.10Shakti Rose Marcroft Kolbert arrives!

Yes, we finally had a baby. OK, I had the baby, Stephan helped. A lot. : ) Shakti arrived after 3 days of effort, at home, in our bed. Life will never be the same! We are blown away by this magical soul.

04.01.09Urban Zen pilot project in the news!

Great article and embedded video about the pilot project with which Stephan and I are involved -- bringing yoga, breathwork and meditation to cancer patients at Beth Israel Hospital in New York. It's been amazing to be working with this great project, which is funded by Donna Karan's Urban Zen Initiative and is led by Rodney Yee and his partner and wife, Colleen Saidman Yee.

03.29.08Some astonishing proof that animals have souls!

Truthfully, I've always wondered how people could think that animals don't have souls, or spirit, or intelligence. It just never made sense to me. Have you ever been truly looked at by a wild animal? Or even a pet? How could that experience be empty of soul connection? I just don't get that. Still we could argue that teensy little animals like ants might somehow share a less-meaningful collective soul... But, we could argue that all of us humans somehow share a larger collective human soul, a merging of all of our unique individual stories into one mass matrix, if you will, without negating the fact that we have individual souls as well.
All ruminations on soul existence aside, after you see the linked video (click on "launch related site" to the bottom right of this paragraph), you will never look at animals in the same way. Ever. I promise.

02.25.08Affirmations really DO work!

I know, I know, we've all read about affirmations and how effective they are. I've spent my share of way-too-much-time just repeating the same old stuff over and over and not seeing any shifts. Well, I stumbled upon a more effective way to do this re-programming of the mind: link the statement to an emotion! It's the emotion that your brain wants, that little jolt o' joy that creates the magnet to what you want. The phrase "I am overjoyed" is a fave with me right now. Just say it out loud and listen to your body for a moment... it gets a little tingle, right? That's what you're looking for. So, for example: "I am overjoyed that I am constantly attracting to myself all the people, places and things I need to actualize my life's goals and purpose easily and quickly." Try that one on for size -- morning, noon and night, when you're taking a stroll, when you're on the subway. It's been amazingly effective for me! XO IAM

02.24.08It's time to let her fly!

I'm a perfectionist, you see, and it's been tough to let this little old website out of the nest. But it's time! So here she is, fresh and new, and I'd love to read your comments. I'm so excited to meet you all! XO IAM