Feng Shui Consultations

With this ancient art of design and placement, we can create more health, wealth, love, creativity, balance and other things you seek by shifting, re-designing and de-cluttering your living and/or working environment. I especially love figuring out how to creatively improve your space at the lowest possible expense to you, using the items you already have and often didn't even know you had! I'm also very hands-on and will help you move that couch or bookcase, right then and there. Together, we co-create a deeply pleasing space that is in keeping with your own aesthetic, both personal and cultural. It's your space, and you should be comfortable and happy in it!

I studied feng shui intensively with T. Raphael Simons, author of Feng Shui: Step by Step and the new The Feng Shui of Love, and have been a consultant since 1995. I'm consistently astonished by its dramatic and often rapid effects on all aspects of one's life.

My system is as follows:

You fill out an emailed questionnaire so I get a sense of what is and is not working for you; I visit your space and get to know you and your space, writing notes the entire time; I go home and write an extremely detailed report of my recommendations and email it to you within a few days, and am available to you for follow-up questions. You make changes as you see fit and watch as things change in your life!

Here are testimonials from some of my clients:

Ingrid Marcroft tiptoed into our home and hearts with her amazing energy, impressive wisdom, and spiritual je ne sais quoi. She totally opened our eyes to toxic corners of our casa, and gave us wonderful feng shui AND design advice. Hire her!
Chloe Jo Berman, NY, Girlie Girl Army www.chloejo.com

I have often re-read your Feng Shui evaluation and now am practically memorizing the text. It's wonderful and inspiring, and I wanted to thank you again very much for bringing these great ideas and suggestions into my life. Very exciting!!
Corinna Kuhl, NY

Love has entered my life, I am sooo happy! Thanks for all, you are wonderful. My life has been moving in all the right directions, you are one of my angels! Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and for the small details!!!
Annette Eskenazi, NY